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JoAnne Prokopchuk

JoAnne Prokopchuk

JoAnne Prokopchuk RN, GNC

13 Glen Oak Crt

Barrie, ON Canada L4M 6M4

Feb 2,2016

Dear Sirs,

I am a Registered Nurse who works with the elderly in Long Term Care. My current practice keeps me interested in evidenced based pain assessment so this online test intrigued me. I experience pain that is a result of a yoga incident I had about 3 years ago that causes me to have a lot of pain. None of the Canadian doctors really knew what was wrong with me.

I completed the Pain Testing at The results absolutely nailed the issue and identified the injury which I had incurred. The questions are so detailed that a very comprehensive history is obtained and the accuracy of the results of my own personal case impressed me.

I would like to also add that I had a slip, slide fall the day before I did the test and was experiencing an acute onset of discomfort in my left hip when I laid on my left side.   I did the pain test and again the accuracy of the outcome results were impressive.

I want to say that I was first intrigued and wondered how this short questionnaire would provide such a comprehensive decision making algorithm with such an accurate diagnosis. I was curious!

This Pain Test is a most efficient way to obtain a detailed history, and diagnostic options, in such a short amount of time, which could otherwise take weeks and potentially months to do which costs money, time and at the end of the day is not beneficial to the one who is suffering.

The healthcare industry I work in is hard work and its employees are constantly exposed to potential musculoskeletal workplace injuries and the potential for lost time and high costs is very real. In my profession, we do see extreme chronic pain cases resulting from workplace injuries. I see this test as an added tool during the assessment process to get the right care and treatment in the right time for the patient with the goal to have the injured person return get well as soon as possible.

Good Luck with taking this further.



JoAnne Prokopchuk RN, GNC

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