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Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller


Wanted to send you a quick note to touch base. I did have my wife take your online exam, thanks for providing access. In her case, the results appeared to be very accurate. (High liklihood of her “diagnosed condition” along with three other conditions that were more obscure but have never been mentioned during multiple previous doctor visits). I have a couple of thoughts and ideas I would like to run by you. It would appear that you have a product that has some significant untapped potential. I would also like to get a little more background information about the project and review some additional data.

Unfortunately, on a recent plane trip to NY I seem to have caught a bit of a bug and have completely lost my voice. On a course of antibiotics and steroids, so I expect to be conversational soon. Perhaps we could speak sometime on Friday to catch up on a few items.

Thanks for your patience, I look forward to talking with you soon.


Daniel Miller
ETC Capital

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